RSS Feed

RSS Feeds are the modern day alternative to a mailing list.

With a mailing list you give the website your email address and they send you an email every time something changes on the website.

With an RSS Feed you're in complete control. You don't give anyone your email address, instead you add the location of the feed to your favourite browser or an RSS Feed Reader.

RSS Feeds are free and safe. Our feeds contain links to new/updated pages/documents and news so you always have up to date information and know exactly what's happening in your area.

RSS feeds are available from many sites all over the internet and you can subscribe to as many as you like using your browser or an RSS reader (recommended) to manage your feeds.

If you don't already have an RSS reader we recommend you download and install FeedReader onto your computer. It's free and very easy to use. There are also numerous RSS Readers available for iOS and Android.

If you need help in downloading and setting up Feedreader we have produced an instruction sheet which takes you through the whole process from download to completion and you can download it here

Once you have Feedreader running on your computer, tablet or smartphone, all you need to do is to copy and paste the addresses from the text box below, into the reader to add the feed.